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Privacy Policy

Information PRIVACY in accordance with Art. 13 d. lgs 196/2003
The policy of New Cervia Hotels srl (hereinafter called “data representative”) for the processing of personal data

1. Aim and modality for which the data are adressed.
The “data representative” informs the users and visitors of the website that the data are collected for the only use indicated below, and to keep updated the users with news, benefits and the activities of the "data representative" in general.

“Data representative” uses the collected data for: The colltected data can be prepared in digital and print form, and will be protected safety system as provided by D.lgs 196/2003 all’allegato B.

  • activities of direct marketing, also by dispatch of newsletters;
  • informational acitivities;
  • market research or other research for the purpose of improvement of the products and services;
  • advertising material
The site for the response to quotes and remarketing, uses the "Quotes Service" of Media Consulting srl. that handles data in a manner compliant with local regulations and may use them for advertising communications to whether or controlled companies.

2. Obbligatory or facultative nature of the consent to the data and consequences in the case of the refusal of reply. The consent to the data is facultative, except in the case that the collected data has to be used for the conclusion of a contract or other services requested by the user. In this case, the eventual refusal of the user to the consent of the data,  leads to an impossibiliy to conclude the requested service for the "data representative".

3. Subjects and subject categories can get knowledge of the data in a responsible way at their work with the data processing. The personal data, which gets inserted by the users, will be used of the "data representative" with the aim of concluding the activities which ground the reason for colltecting them.

4. Rights of the concerned parties. Indications of the holder, and if identifiable, of the responsible person of the data processing. Indications of the modality in which the updated list of the responsible persons is recognisable. Holder and responsbile person of the data processing is the "data presentative" who the concerned parties can contact to make use of their rights in accordance with Art. 7 del D.lgt. 196/2003, that is:
  1. to obtain indications of the origin of the personal data, of the aim and the modality of the data processing, the applicated logic in case of processing with electronical instruments; information of the holder of the data processing, the subjects or the subject categories who can get knowledge of the data;
  2. to obtain updates, correction or integration of data, the cancellation, the transformation into an anynomous form or data blocking in case of infringement of the law, including the cases in which the data storage is not necessary for the initial aim of data collection or processing, the confirmation that the requested operations have been noticed, also with regard to the contents for which the data has been comunicated or distributed, excluding the case that the compliance prove to be impossible or involve a disportionate use of means in contrast to the corresponding law;
  3. to oppose against the data processing because of legal reasons, although of the relevant aim of the data processing and collection.

This declaration contains indications of standards and guidelines directed to the "data representative" for the handling of the personal data for the users on the website ( The mentioned website is working on Italian territory, all the information and data are handled by the "data representative" at conformity regarding the Italian guidlines for the transposition of directives 95/46/CE and 2002/58/CE Parliament and the Council of Europe, as well as the Legislative Decree of the 30 June 2003 n. 196 and its modifications.

Under Articles. 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, I declare that I have read the Privacy Policy and I give my specific and unconditional consent to the processing of data in order to send advertising and promotional activities. Your information will NEVER be sold or rented to anyone.